SJ Special - X poles to 90cm

Show Jumping Special! 

A chance to enjoy a large, quality ring and fences, in a friendly, fun atmosphere.



Horses and Ponies welcome – if sufficient entries these will be judged separately. 

Clear Round (X poles) from 9.00am to 9.50am.   

Entry £7, Rosettes to all clears


Classes 1 – 3 - Entry Fee £10  

Prizes; Medal  to 1st - 3rd, Rosettes to 6th for classes 2 & 3.

See below for prizes for class 1.


10am Prompt;

Class 1 –1ft6 (X poles)

Lead Rein allowed. Fences not to exceed 1ft6 (45cm) Second round not against the clock.  All double clears will win a 1st rosette and Goodies!


Class 2 – 11years and Under Jumping (X Poles) - Medals 1st to 3rd

Lead Rein allowed. Single phase

All clears will win a special Rosette if not placed    


Class 3 – 1ft9 Open - Medals 1st to 3rd

Lead Rein allowed. Single phase



NOT BEFORE 11.30am


Class 4-  7- Prize in kind to winning Junior and Senior

Entry Fee £14 (Start fee £9.45 + VAT £1.89 + Prize fund £2.66)

Prizes £25, £15, £14,  rosettes to 6th place (where sufficient entries) –



Class 4 – Open 70cm. - Prize in kind TO WINNING SENIOR & JUNIOR




Class 5  – Open 80cm.


Single phase -  Max height 80cm (2ft7) in first section



Class 6 -  Open 85cm inc Port Royal 'Show Jumper of the Year' 1st Rd qualifier


Single Phase  

The Final for The Show Jumper of the Year will take place in September 2018. 

To be in the Final, Horse/ Rider must have qualified at any one of the first rounds run between October 2017 and September 2018 by gaining a double clear in the 85cm class and have purchased a ‘Qualification Card’ within 7 days of doing so (either at the show or online). Please ask at entries on the day of the show to buy your card (£5), or purchase online within 7 days (£7 inc admin).

You will need to hand your qualification card in when entering for the Final, so keep it safe!


Class 7 – Open 90cm.


Single Phase  Max height 90cm  in first section




Unaffiliated competitions, Rosettes to 6th Place only if sufficient entries. Prize money ratio where applicable;  Split Seniors and Juniors - 5-9=1st prize, 10-14-2nd prize, 15 + =3rd prize

Prize money will be paid out on the day of the show only – please collect from the entries secretary.


*****Juniors and Seniors will jump together but placed separately in classes 4 - 7

Juniors - to ride Ponies, not exceeding 14.2hh. Riders 16 years and under

(Junior riders on horses must be 12years + & may then enter as a senior)

Seniors – Riders 17 years +


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