PONY CLUB dressage series

Could you & Your Pony Club Branch be the NEW

 ‘Port Royal

Pony Club Dressage Champion 2018?!


Brand new for 2018, this fantastic Championship celebrates local Pony Clubs and their members with their very own series and Championship prizes – including TROPHIES, SASHES, RUGS, & MEDALS!

Not only that, but REDUCED ENTRY FEES TOO!

Open to all members of the Pony Club – collect points through the winter at each of the special competitions held at Port Royal – 6 points for 1st, 5 points for 2nd etc – the Rider/ pony/ horse combination with the most points at the end of the season will take the title - ‘Port Royal Pony Club Dressage Champion 2018’

PLUS – the more members of your Pony Club join in, the more chance your Pony Club Branch has of being named ‘Port Royal Pony Club Branch of the Year 2018’

– every member collecting points also collects them for their Branch

 – The winning Branch will receive 4 hours facility hire at Port Royal – including both rings, 1 set up with full course of show jumps, 1 with dressage & Warm ups – everything you need for an amazing rally for all your members & Worth over £400!!

So put the dates in your diary and tell the rest of your branch to do the same!

Good luck!!

Pony Club Dressage Series dates;

Sunday 22nd October (Entries close Thurs 19th Oct, 1 pm)

Sunday 26th November (Entries close Thurs 23rd Nov, 1 pm)

Sunday 10th December (Entries close Thurs 7th Dec, 1 pm) -CANCELLED DUE TO ICY WEATHER

Sunday 28th January (Entries close Thurs 25th Jan, 1 pm)

Sunday 25th February (Entries close Thurs 22nd Feb, 1 pm)

Sunday 4th March (Entries close Thurs 1st  March, 1 pm) - CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW - Moved to Wednesday 28th March - daytime


Wednesday 28th March APPROX 1PM TO 6.15PM (Entries close Mon 26th March, 1pm) - added to replace cancelled event on 4th March

For those that will still be at school, please put a 'not before' time on your entry but be as flexible as possible as there will only be so much daylight available so may not be possible to accomodate all requests but I will do my best.


Sunday 22nd April  (Entries close Thurs 19th April, 1pm) - ADDED to replace cancelled event on 10th Dec



Entry Fee per class £12,

2 classes for £20.

 Rosettes to 6th Place

Please note - all entry fees are subject to VAT at 20%


Entries close on the THURSDAY before the show at 1pm.

 Entries made after that will be charged a £6 late entry fee per test

All classes use the latest Pony Club tests.


C1 –Walk & Trot dressage test 2013

C2 – C Level Dressage test 2012

C3 – Introductory Dressage Test 2007

C4 – Grass roots Dressage test 2016

C5 – Novice Dressage Test 2009

C6 – Intermediate Dressage test 2013



Please check website for times on Thursday  www.portroyaleec.co.uk  after 8pm

  • Entries booked and paid for on line via website only please  


 Entry fees cannot be refunded once entries have closed unless class is cancelled.

Entries booked and then cancelled before close of entries will be refunded minus a £5 admin fee

(please e mail your request to withdraw by close of entries to portroyal.eec@outlook.com )

(There are no refunds on late entries)

Please note - all entry fees are subject to VAT at 20%


Points series winner will receive;

  • Championship Rosette
  • Rug
  • Trophy
  • Sash


Championship Rosettes and Medals to 6th Place

How to enter

Enter Online Fill In Form Opposite

Dressage BSJA Unaff SJ Showcross Showing/WH Clinics Fun Day / Mini SJ Others
Port Royal Equestrian and Show Centre

Show Details:

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