Arena Hire

Arena Hire is normally available -

Monday All Day
Tuesday All Day
Wednesday am only during summer, all day in winter
Thursday All Day
Friday Last hire 12.00 - 13.00
Saturday Dates Posted on the website
Sunday Dates Posted on the website

£30 per hour for up to 2 horses at a time, extra horses at + £5 per horse for arena with full course of Show Jumps already set up - simply set the height to suit your needs and leave course more or less as you found it (other than height) for the next person

To book, call or text Michael or Michelle on 07950 819267


DRESSAGE ARENA - Available Monday - Friday -

lots of slots available - with 2 full dressage arenas set up with white boards and Judges box

£20 per hour for 1 horse, £30 for 2 horses, £35 for 3 horses max.

To book, call or text Michael or Michelle on 07950 819267

Arena Hire Terms & Conditions

Restrictions on use –

  • Arena hire is for the Arenas please do not use the Warm up Arenas.
  • Please poo pick during/ after your session.
  • Please do not use coloured poles for placing or trotting poles – rustic poles are provided in the corner of arena – Which should be returned to the corner after use.
  • Please note that whilst courses are set it is your responsibility to ensure heights and distances are set to your own requirements and abilities.
  • No Grids   
  • No Lunging anywhere on site.
  • Under no circumstances are horses or ponies to be Led, Ridden or Walked through the water jump.
  • Please do not use any of the equipment for any other purpose than it was designed. This will minimise unnecessary damage
  • Please leave the Arena as you would like to find it there maybe hires following you. 

Payment in full once session completed ,Flood lights on SJ arena only £10 per hour